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Tunturi Fitness returns to US market with North America Cycles

Published January 10, 2018 by BRAIN Staff

AMES, Iowa (BRAIN) — Tunturi Fitness, which was founded in 1922 in Finland, is returning to the U.S. market with an agreement with wholesaler North America Cycles to distribute cardio equipment for both home and professional use.

"With the consolidation in the fitness business, coupled with vertical integration of fitness brands, we felt there is a good opportunity to distribute Tunturi New Fitness though both local bicycle shops and sporting goods retailers," said Matthew Nims, the president of NAC.

"Many of the big players in fitness have abandoned local retail in favor of direct marketing, mass retail, or self-distribution. We are looking to distribute a product that dealers can offer during their traditional offseason with minimal opening commitments."

Michel Severijns, the sales manager of Tunturi New Fitness, said, "In North America Cycles we found a perfect partner to represent Tunturi New Fitness in the U.S. Their focus on bicycles was appealing to us since our traditional seasonality would allow them to really focus on our products in during the colder months. Additionally, their knowledge and understanding of the brand and its history gave us a real feeling like we had found a lost family member in America."

Tunturi NF is based in Almere, Netherlands. It was previously owned by Accell Group prior to the founding of Tunturi New Fitness in 2015. Interested retailers should contact Casey Gries at for dealer information as well as freight and dating programs. 

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