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Messingschlager USA acquires exclusive US rights to KTM Bike Industries

Ames, Iowa, USA – KTM Bike Industries has announced exclusive distribution rights for the American market to Messingschlager USA (owner of Cycle Force Group). Messingschlager recently purchased Cycle Force Group and its subsidiaries, including North America Cycles who will be the sole distribution point for the KTM brand.

“It has been our philosophy at Messingschlager to partner up with brands and help them grow and succeed in the market. The same is true now with our US entity. We want to support brands that already have a successful European business to make their step into the US market as smooth as possible. We’re looking forward to working with KTM and bringing the bikes into our IBD network,” says Dennis Schömburg, CEO at Messingschlager.

Matthew Nims, VP of Sales and Marketing is extremely optimistic about the prospect of offering KTM to the US market. “We have worked with and distributed many European brands in the past, so we’re thrilled to work with KTM and the dedicated people behind this legendary brand. KTM has a great market position and brand recognition in Europe and have proven themselves to be a reliable partner for the independent dealer. We are excited to further that success through the US market.”

Premium KTM electric bicycles are manufactured in Europe with electric bicycles being exclusively manufactured in Austria. Bicycles retailing under $1,300 are produced in southeast Asia allowing KTM to offer a full assortment at a variety of price points. “One of the most intriguing stories KTM can tell is how thoughtful their sourcing and logistics are. We can offer our dealers premium products on one hand, yet with KTM’s Southeast Asia capabilities, still offer some price point bikes as well,” says Nims.

Stefan Limbrunner, Managing Director for KTM, says “USA is the largest and therefore most important market in the world. You really need good partners for that. The combination of NAC, Messingschlager and KTM Bike Industries is exactly what we have been looking for. Competence, distribution and passion for the bicycle market and cyclists. We are happy that things are finally getting started together.”

Models offered will include full suspension analog and electric bicycles, gravel, lifestyle and the new Revelator Alto currently being featured on this year’s Tour de France. The first bikes will be arriving in November 2022 and full availability of the assortment will arrive spring 2023. The apex of the KTM range will be occupied by the Macina Prowler Exonic, an enduro bike that features SRAM XX Eagle SL AXS and a Bosch Gen 4 smart system.

KTM ebike
Macina Prowler Exonic
KTM eBike
City 710 Belt

Importing bicycles from Austria is nothing new to the Nims family. Matthew’s father, Nyle, started importing Austro-Daimler and Puch bicycles from Graz as far back as 1978 - a result of the bicycle boom. “I began my career in a bike boom and couldn’t be more excited for one more project, especially one as significant as this,” Nyle Nims says.

KTM Manufacturing began in 1938 and produced their first bicycles in 1964.

North America Cycles will begin establishment of a limited KTM dealer base with exclusive territories. Sales reps with non-competing lines are being sought in select territories. Dealers and reps are encouraged to contact Nyle or Matthew Nims at or 844-622-2453.

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