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Cantilever Brake
SKU: 364700

Replacement Cantilever Brakes

Price: $14.99

Flexi-Pipe for V-Brake
SKU: 360829

Additional Flexi-Pipe for V-Brakes

Price: $8.99

Power Hanger
SKU: 360904

Alloy Power Hanger for cantilever brakes.

Price: $11.99

Promax Additional Flat bar Brake Lever
SKU: 360155

The Flat Bar Brake Lever allows you to put an addition brake on the top of your road bars.

Price: $36.99

Promax Tri Compound Brake Pads
SKU: 361631

The Promax Tri-Compound Brake Pads give you the ultimate stopping power. These pads have three compounds that are designed to have advanced performance in rain as well as normal conditions.

Price: $12.99

Promax V-Brake Set
SKU: 360859

The Promax V-Brake Set comes with front and rear allow V-Brakes and Promax alloy brake levers.

Price: $32.99