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Eight Saturdays 'Til Piermont

Cleanliness, Hold the Palm Oil

March 28, 2011

Yesterday at the Met I viewed a mosaic floor. It was originally laid in the ancient colony or city (I can't quite tell which) of Lydda, around 300 A.D. As with so many material objects and art works, I wondered how people of the day cleaned the floor. Certainly they cleaned with water, but what did they use for soap?

The mosaic has nothing to do with biking except this: our Saturday bike maintenance lecturer mentioned a few cleaning and lubrication products. Yesterday I searched around for something that I could live with and came up with nothing. I was prepared to live with nothing.

But just now, via Lunar Cycles' website, I found what I needed: cleaning products that don't use palm oil, among other ingredients. From there, it was a click and a jump to Cycle Force Group. Originally located in Yaphank, on the North Fork of Long Island, the shop is now based in Ames, Iowa. It is the only United States distributor of Green Oil UK products. I ordered the Clean Chain and Green Oil over the phone. Though I haven't used them yet, I'm hopeful.


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