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Cycle Force distribute award winning battery free cycling safety products from PEDALITE

30th September 2009 - Cycle Force Group (formally Cycle Source), a worldwide distributor of bicycles and bicycle related products, and distributor of such internationally known brand names including Polaris®, Victory®, Kawasaki®, and Smith & Wesson® is now selling and marketing PEDALITE’s suite of award-winning, battery free environmentally-friendly lighting safety products and environment friendly ECOLUBEs to IBDs, ecommerce sites and all other retailers of cycling products throughout the United States.

Cycle Force Group now has warehouse stock of PEDALITE’s award-winning, no-batteries, lighting, including its 360o pedal lights for cyclists, solar powered Baglite, which fits any size or shape of backpack and the ultra lightweight Anklelite, which illuminates ankles or arms, all provide 360o lighting to keep all the family safe when exercising. The lighting ensures cyclists, as well as walkers, runners and horse riders, are seen from all directions, from up to 1km away.

The range is completed by a unique range of award-winning environmentally friendly ECOLUBEs that consist of a bicycle chain lube, green oil, chain cleaners, eco grease and lubricants that are non toxic and are made from naturally occurring plant extracts, a blend of which produce a high performance lubricant, grease and cleaners.

The PEDALITE range of products are now the best selling environmentally friendly running, cycling, equestrian, walking, hiking and jogging safety accessories worldwide! And a cyclist’s safety does not have to cost the earth. These innovative products use solar (ordinary house lights or sunshine to recharge) and kinetic energy; so users don’t need expensive replacement batteries and the old batteries aren’t going into landfill - even the packaging is recycled cardboard!

While retailers of cycling products can purchase stock from Cycle Force Group or the other US distributor of PEDALITE products, QBP, in the traditional way, PEDALITE is proud to have teamed up with Cycle Force Group to provide the full range of PEDALITE and ECOLUBE products through the unique Cycle Force Group "Dropship Direct . program"

Dropship Direct Recession Buster

All types of retailers of cycling products can now sell the entire range of the best selling PEDALITE products without impacting their cash flow. The Cycle Force Group “Dropship Direct” program allows retailers to take orders based on a limited stock in their stores or via their ecommerce sites, pass the orders to Cycle Force Group and have the products delivered directly to their customers from the Cycle Force warehouse as if direct from the retailer.

Simon Theobald, Manager Director of PEDALITE International comments; "In this time of recession it is essential that retailers have the ability to offer a full range of top selling products, yet around the world cash flow considerations have limited the number of new brands a retailer can take on. PEDALITE is delighted to partner with Cycle Force Group to offer its products through this innovative program that truly has the best interests of the retailers at its core"

"Retailers can now download text and pictures for all products from the PEDALITE website for inclusion on their own ecommerce sites, set up a Dropship Direct account with Cycle Force Group and start selling the products sales in a matter of hours," he added.

"We are very excited to add PEDALITE and ECOLUBE to our lineup of best-in-class products. These unique and essential battery-free safety lighting systems and environmentally friendly lube, grease and chain cleaners were launched in the USA at Interbike to an incredibly positive reception from retailers. Their inclusion in our Dropship Direct program means all retailers throughout the United States can immediately benefit by including them in their range of cycling products" said Nyle Nims, President, Cycle Force Group.

Essential cycling safety products

Cycling is soaring in popularity; it is a green and cheap way of getting around, enjoyed by all the family. Walking and Jogging are two of the most popular ways of getting into shape and these days we all seem to want to exercise outside whenever we can. However, statistically, going out is getting more dangerous; worldwide approximately 75% of cycling accidents happen at road junctions where cyclists need to be seen from the side and tens of thousands of accidents per year involve pedestrians.

Applying simple safety rules when cycling such as wearing bright clothing and using lights that will make you be seen can help you feel and keep safe. Unfortunately, one problem is that lighting is often overlooked in daylight, particularly in the summer. Consider how a single cloud passing in front of the sun affects the light; how quickly the sky can darken with a change in weather or how shadows from large buildings or bridges can affect a motorist’s vision and render walkers, joggers and cyclists without lights invisible.

PEDALITE’s award-winning, 360 degree lighting, that require no batteries, ensures people cycling, running or horse riding are seen from all directions, from up to 1km away, at time day or night, light or dark, as they all recharge from renewable free energy sources.

Full details of all of the PEDALITE products may be found on the PEDALITE website at www.pedalite.com.

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